I gotta start again

It’s been a while since I wrote my last phrases here. But an email of Mr. Kreuzberger motivated me to get back to the roots and continue on working here.

It feels like this semester has just started, but it is finally over. It has been an overwhelming time, lots of thnigs have happened and lots of things have passed.

Now it is time to calm down and compass home in order to be one of the best nerds in the upcoming exams.

Communication Training

This weekend we had communication trainign with Mr Lauer. I guess the people how took part in this training know, what I wanna say with that ;)

Before the training started on Friday I was not sure what I should expect from this somehow comunication training.

But in the end my anticipations were fullfilled, it was exactly the way I wanted it to be. It was good. Quite good. It was a pity that apparently most of the participans were not as amused and interest as I was in this training, aside from too many participans in such kind of seminar.

I guess, I am more interested in those kind of training he offered us for te reason that my parents are psychologists, who have a likewise way to work and to consider people’s behavior.

We learned a lot about our personal rhythm of communication anhd how to deal with it, especially in ‘big peoples’ presence.

I cannot figure out, why most of the students were not interested in those kind of topics and why they acted in way so undisciplined and impolite. If one wants a change of theoperation mode in the course, one should be able to phrase how to do better and what his anticipations are about a seminar like this. – This case was not fulfilled :/

That’s why there lays some kind of a dark mist over this event, although I had a good time there learning a lot.

First practical course

Today we had our first ElDok practical course, in which we were supposed to
overwork our concept.

First of all, we checked again our concept on its format to get an overview of
what we are going to do today.

So we put our whole text into different stylesheets and additionally we worked
together in the “overwork” mode. That way one could just review the others
changes by looking at the comments in only one WORD document. The comments
helped us this first meeting to get organized.

At first we changed the breaks by formatting the several interspaces between the
breaks. Furthermore we overworked our table of contents and changed the “tabs”
into “indentions”.
In addition to make the concept easier to deal with, we formatted the whole text
blocks into the standard stylesheet, whenever there were some differences in
need we formatted it manually. Its been a lot of work, gosh. The whole
formatting of our text cost us a lot of time. And we had to redo all of our
headings. Judith recognized that she and Janina did a lot of unneeded and
superfluous work on the index-formatting ealier last term.
It is a pity that our tiny work caused our tables to be totally out of
place, so we had to do much more than we thought of at the beginning while
planning our stategy for those three hours. But now we know how to embed a
table into a WORD document. Yeeehaa!

Honestly, we gotta say, that we did not think that it would take so much time,
because a lot of groups told us, that it was easy to accomplish and did not take
the whole estimated time.
But – we learned a lot within those three hours of practice and we know that we
can use this new knowledge for further projects and our final papers.
Today WORD showed us its whole complexity.

concept review

Next step.

It is done. The first period of the current “Bergfestfilm” is filmed. I took some great pictures at the settings for our flyer, which will be selected and insetted the next days by the whole team ‘Reisegruppe’.

Best wishes for our project in this semester to all my team members :)